Impressions Holdings' Subsidiaries

Impressions Holdings spans software, content, and much more.

Unique Solutions

Our software is highly customizable, allowing Vento's developers to tailor solutions to virtually any need, whether that be an ecommerce platform or DNA data compression.

Endless Opportunity

As a result of Impressions Holdings' fluid management, our offerings range not only in scope and scale, but we cover an ever growing variety of business verticals.

Inspired Content

Through Theory Cube (previously 10 Best Network), our content drives tens of millions of dollars purchasing decisions from local products to multi-national business services.

Impress3 Media

Both web and traditionally based, Impress3 provides news, information and advertising opportunities which reach millions of viewers globally.

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Vento Solutions

Varied Software Solutions

Vento Solutions, our software development arm, first began as a web design firm. After recognizing the talents & growth potential in our own software development, Vento began creating advanced software solutions, from DNA data compression to customer relationship management.

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Local PhD

Advanced Lead Generation

Using SEO and PPC as a base, Local PhD is able to generate vast amounts of leads for local businesses and international chains alike. This business model uses programmatic automation to help companies gain new customers.

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