Impressions Holdings Background


Impressions Holdings is a diversified company
which owns businesses in a wide variety of
industries including media creation,
software development, and
much more.

Impressions Holdings' Companies

  • Theory Cube Logo
  • Vento Solutions Logo
  • Local PhD Logo
  • Ol' Major Bacon Bourbon Bottle

Through our proprietary media software, our researchers report on topics ranging from city guides to digital design. Theory Cube produces web & print publications.
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Marrying programmatic automation and digital marketing expertise, Local PhD provides unique lead generation services to local businesses & national firms alike.
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Whether it's DNA data compression for a cancer diagnosis company or a unique CRM for sales automation, Vento Solutions creates elegant and intuitive software.
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Ol' Major
Bacon Bourbon

We'll spare you a lengthy explanation. Bacon + Bourbon = Ol' Major. The founders of Impressions Holdings created the world's first bottled bacon bourbon.
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Always Searching for New Opportunities

Though our team is highly focused (and generally overworked), we are always on the lookout for new opportunities and partnerships. Don't hesitate to write to us to learn more about what we do or how we can work together on the next great project!